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ff11 hardware/equiptment
~A Buying Guide for ff11~
- at least 256MB RAM
- over 5GB free Harddisk space
- GeForce3 or 4 Graphics Card [Recommended:
GeForce4 Ti @ ($200-$330) or Discounted GeForce Cards @ ($100-$200)]
- at least 17'' non-concave (Flat Tube) CRT monitor [Recommended:
17'' Samsung @ ($150), 17'' NEC @ ($290) or 19'' Dell @ ($380)]
- FFXI Gamepad [Recommended: ($60)]
- Sony HDD ($80)
- Sony Network Adaptor [Recommended: ($40) or ($50)]
- USB Keyboard [Recommended:
SharkBoard @ ($20) or SharkBoard @ ($20)]
- at least 20'' non-concave (Flat Tube) TV w/ S-Video and Stereo Sound [Recommended:
20'' Toshiba @ ($280) or 24'' Toshiba @ ($400)]
- Monster Cable S-Video AV hookup for PS2 [Recommended: ($40)]
If one was concerned with money, the decision between the two depends on one's circumstances....
If you have a computer with 1Ghz+ processor, 256MB+, at least GeForce3 or 4, and preferably a Flat Tube monitor, no updating will be necessary. The only purchase needed to be made is the game, $50-$90. (Advantage besides price is greater resolution than PS2 version)
If you have a below-average computer, upgrading would most likely cost far more than the PS2 version items. The Network Adaptor + HDD + Game + USB Keyboard would come out as about $200. Another recommended item is the Monster Cable S-Video adaptor would provide greater resolution for the game, as long as your TV (preferably Flat Tube) is compatible with S-Video. (Advantage besides price is large screen and most likely more comfortable than desk chair, and earlier release)  
Website for more PC info (Japanese) along with image comparisons of the PC and PS2 versions...
Contact for any corrections, etc.